Katherine Shores


Katherine is a seasoned Project Manager with 10 years experience in the Special Event industry.  She has worked on a wide range of events including The US Open Tennis championship, 2004 Democratic National Convention, General Motors “The Drive”, Family Circle Cup, and Centennial Celebration of Flight, just to name a few.  Katherine’s 10 years in the industry also include numerous trade-shows (selection, booth management, set-up and attendance.)

Her experience goes well beyond basic project management skills as she has also been heavily involved in marketing efforts for brand management campaigns, print advertising and trade-show/sales items.

In 2007 Katherine took a leap of faith and rejoined the ranks of the backpack brigade to earn her degree in Communications with a focus in Public Relations.

Katherine balances her free time between family, friends and a small specialty cake business she runs with her sister.  In a nutshell she’s…

“Having Her Cake, Eating It Too!”

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